Solution Implementation

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Smart Tech Inc. helps clients maximize the business value of SPM initiatives through experienced consultants and a robust methodology.

Smart Tech Inc. provides full implementation services, based on our proven "SALE" methodology.  For more about the SALE methodology, please click here.  Smart Tech Inc. also provides complementary services for SPM initiatives in Data Readiness, Testing and Training. 

Data Readiness:

“Garbage in, garbage out” is our key mantra. Data is often a major risk area for client implementations, whether it is data requirements, data cleanliness or data transformation. Our consultants focus on working with clients to understand their data for data staging and transformation in preparation for configuration and testing.


The testing phase is critical for tracking the implemented solution and client enablement. Invariably, the Testing phase is one of the major “aha” moments as client end users have their first full exposure of the configured solution. As a result, we have a dedicated team of testers that can be enlisted to lead, facilitate or execute client User Acceptance Testing.  We can lead or support test case planning, test packet preparation, data preparation and test case execution.

Training :

Smart Tech Inc. has experienced resources that can provide change management and training support for SPM initiatives. We assist clients with deployment strategy, change management support and production roll-out training for compensation administrators and end users. Our standard methodology enables client super users and end users on the configured solution and the associated operational processes.